Email extract (with permission)from Dr Redhead following an away-day for twenty GPs and GP Registars
at Blakeney in Norfolk on November 11th 2005.

Dear Pauline

Thanks so much for all your hard work and excellent facilitation at Friday's workshop.  A glance through the evaluations that were completed on Saturday were excellent.

In particular I enjoyed your honest brief account of yourself
- a good tale! I felt that you facilitated the groups very
well your contributions went down very well indeed.  This is a difficult area - management that is and tends not to be terribly engaging for GP registrars but you managed it!

I think the following day linked very well indeed. Everyone
had to make up questions for the oral part of the exam in pairs.  Lots of questions echoing the areas you had discussed came up again.  So some important reinforcement went on.

Finally it was very very good to meet you.  You strike us as a very warm person who is very pro primary care and general practice.

Dr Keith Redhead, Organiser/ GP Trainer, Kings Lynn Vocational Training Scheme for GP Registrars

Pharma Rapport Ltd

Pharma Rapport Ltd have many different training requirements within General Practice and need dynamic trainers on many and varied subjects.  To this end, Pauline Webdale has written and successfully delivered numerous training seminars for us, all of which have been faultless.  Not only are the presentations relevant, insightful and informative, Pauline Webdale manages to strike an instant rapport with the audience and relates to them as individuals, as opposed to delegates, which is a difficult balance to achieve.   Pauline also manages to put things across in a manner that is understood and makes something complicated appear quite logical once it has been explained. Indeed, the evaluation forms certainly highlight this.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Pauline Webdale to any practice or pharmaceutical company requiring a job ‘well done’.  Pauline is professional, trustworthy and reliable and has certainly made my job a lot easier during the time that we have been working together.

Carol Brooker
Conference & Events Manager
Pharma Rapport Ltd

Evaluation summary from an Effective Communication/ Conflict Resolution training day held for
practice managers in Lincolnshire May 6th 2005

A lot about how to deal with difficult situations that may arise especially as I have just started in this line of work. “Hibalstow Surgery”

To look at how I approach patients and how I perceive them – hopefully it will help me to deal with patients better.
“Cliff Villages Medical Practice”

To be aware of my own bodies physical responses to emotion. Many other things, too numerous to mention.
“Market Cross Surgery”

Improved communication and people skills. Personal stories were helpful as they help theory to take root.
“Spilsby Surgery”

Norwich School Of Art & Design: Effective Communication/Conflict resolution

“Thank you for the seminar you gave us on Monday, which we all found very useful”

Adrian Loynes Assistant Finance Manager, Norwich School of Art & Design

“Many thanks for coming to Norwich School of Art and Design last Thursday – the girls found the sessions extremely relevant and interesting”. I have received the feedback forms and they are all positive tick boxes”. 

 Sara Brumhead, CPD Secretary/Administrative Coordinator, Norwich School of Art and Design

Bullying & Harassment at Great Yarmouth PCT

“I’ve learnt a great deal about how to deal with allegations and the importance of keeping good notes and documentation”. LB Health Visitor

“I’m surprised by all the procedures necessary to investigate fairly, keeping an open mind and how difficult it is”   CD Speech Therapist

Equality & Diversity at Great Yarmouth PCT;

“ I’ve learned a lot about racial and disability discrimination and I enjoyed the case studies (more than the role play). I intend to thoroughly study the Acts in depth to see where else it may apply in my professional life” MO Young Men’s Project.

Confidentiality, Caldicott & Data Protection at Great Yarmouth PCT

“I realised confidentiality isn’t just about third party disclosure”. Physiotherapist, James Paget Hospital

“It has been helpful to discuss the confidentiality aspects of dealing with an ethnic minority patient group and using interpreters from the family, I have enjoyed this session”. TD Health Visitor.  Gt Yarmouth


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