The manner in which people are dealt with in the whole recruitment and selection process and the quality and timeliness of any information provided, directly affects applicants’ perceptions of the organisation in terms of efficiency, professionalism and friendliness.

As well as understanding and adhering to all the legal aspects governing Employment Law, finding the right people matters just as much to you as to bigger organisations. In fact, getting it wrong has even more impact when there are fewer of you.

Can you afford all that time away from your business to interview, induct and train people, only to have to go through it all again when they leave after a few months? Getting it right the first time is definitely in the interests of your business, and this Model can help you to achieve that, not just once but every time you need a new pair of hands.

The whole process is covered from identifying the need for a role and
job analysis, through the recruitment process, induction and continuing training plan.

Delegates will gain an understanding of:

  • Equality and Diversity / Equal Opportunities in Recruitment
  • Job Analysis & Descriptions , Person Specifications
  • Advertising of Vacancies
  • Short listing – weighting & scoring systems-seeing though CVs
  • Interviews including
    - Preparing for the Interview
    - Pitfalls to avoid
    - During the Interview
    - After the Interview
  • Offer of Employment
  • References
  • Qualification Certificates
  • Work Permits
  • Personnel Records
  • Grievance Procedure

If you wish to book any for your practice, arrange sessions locally for a group of practices or have a general query, please get in touch.