Primary care managers need to match their profile against the competencies outlined in Annexe C of the GP Contract, This will identify any skills gap and help towards developing the Personal Development Plan.

These sessions can be done either on a one-to-one basis or in a group with a maximum size of twelve for the benefit of the learners.

Topics from a non-exhaustive list of skills include:

Communication, Assertiveness & Body Language Skills
Negotiation Skills-, Influencing & Persuading.
Handling conflict in the Workplace, Team & Partnership
Presentation, Marketing & Report Writing Skills
Train the Trainer, Leadership and Facilitation
Understanding, Creating & Leading Teams
Managing Time & Resources- Dealing with Stress
Project Management and Feasibility Studies
Management Tools for everyday use: Objective Setting & Goals-Cost benefit Analysis-Gap Analysis-Gantt Charts-the use of SWOT-SMARTER-Ishikawa-Mind-Mapping-PEST etc.