“Your practice team is only as strong as its weakest link”

True performance management is about measuring. It is impossible to measure something for which you haven’t set a standard.

Understanding this and being able to set standards of performance is an essential skill for those responsible for the work and development of others, in primary care. It is an excellent tool to use at induction, for training and development and for disciplinary matters.

The skills of appraisal have to be learnt, most of us are not born with them. As part of the process those who are to be appraised need training in what is expected of them, in order that the process is mutually beneficial and time and opportunity is not wasted.

  • How do you and your colleagues feel about the process?
  • Do you look forward to it or do you dread the thought of it?
  • Is a “tick box” procedure?
  • Do you really understand what it’s about?
  • Who will benefit?
  • Is it “done” to you? Or do you participate?


This workshop will enable the delegates to understand and set standards and write competencies which are meaningful for your practice.

All aspects of Performance Management and Appraisal will be covered.

If you wish to book any for your practice, arrange sessions locally for a group of practices or have a general query, please get in touch.