Ever find yourself in meetings that have no purpose? Ever find yourself in meetings where there's no agenda, no record of what's being discussed and nobody seems to be accountable? Ever stopped to consider how much these meetings are costing you?


There are many kinds of meetings, from communication to decision-making and it is impossible to give a definitive list of the characteristics of an effective meeting, much depends on the purpose, membership, responsibilities of participants and so on.
Even the culture of those in the meeting affects the process.


The proposed formula is:

Effective chairing + appropriate structure + Positive participation + Winning outcomes =  Effective Meetings >>>



An understanding of:

    • The importance of agenda setting and good timing
    • Active and effective chairing
    • Collective decision making
    • Participation and sharing ideas
    • Focussing the discussion
    • Role analysis and it’s importance in meetings behaviour
    • Team briefing, minute taking and feedback