Effective Communication & Exceptional Customer Care – key factors in improving the Patient Experience and meeting the Access & Choice Challenge

This new workshop has been developed to raise awareness of the key issues highlighted in responses to the survey “Your Doctor, Your Experience, Your Say”

Patients expectations rise year on year and have a huge impact upon their individual perception of the services they receive from their GP surgery and staff and can sometimes result in challenging behaviour. Despite a huge increase in staff training provision there still remains in some cases a perception of the receptionist “dragon” whose sole aim is to stop patients accessing the services. This unjust and mostly unfounded reputation can have a negative efffect on how the patient perceives and approaches the practice for their healthcare needs.

A well performing team in which all members work within performance standards for good customer focus  can consistently deliver high quality care which will slowly over time change these perceptions-it goes without saying that all team members must understand the reasons behind the challenge in order to engage fully.

The aim of this workshop is to provide the skills and understanding to effectively manage these patient expectations and the factors which influence them in practical and realistic ways to help in the delivery of quality patient services.

To help improve results for both the practice and the patients, the focus will be on improving communication skills and setting perfomance standards for internal systems and everyday processes by raising awareness of:

  • The CQC Standards and Customer Care

  • Effective Communication Skills-the importance of body language

  • Listening & Questioning Skills

  • Assertiveness Skills -How to develop key assertiveness skills to be able to deal with challenging behaviour

  • Understanding the popluation of your practice and their diverse needs

  • Perfomance standards-how to set them and use them as part of perfomance management and development of all staff