I am always happy to discuss any basis for consultancy in a Primary Care setting.

From support and mentoring to new managers, helping to identify learning and development needs for the whole team to “trouble-shooting” any problems which may have arisen.

All discussions are of course held in the strictest confidence.


To facilitate is "to free from difficulties or obstacles" or "to make easy or easier"

  If done well facilitation will increase productivity, group motivation, commitment, confidence, encourage a better climate for radical change and optimise your team dynamics.   
Whether you are looking to get someone in or if you are thinking of going it alone consider the following:
The facilitator is there to ensure a productive group process whether this is brainstorming a new idea or discussing the latest employee appraisals. The facilitator has a role within the group which comes down to the three following headings. The role of the facilitator is to ensure that the group works as a constructive and cohesive unit. This task has three parts:


FOCUS To provide a focus for the group when the leader fails to fulfil their role.
STIMULATE To encourage constructive debate between group members.
SUPPORT To bring out information from introverted members of the group and to allow new ideas to be submitted.
PARTICIPATE When the group is interacting poorly or in the wrong direction the facilitator must be
willing to promote new discussion.
TEAM BUILDING To form a cohesive, interactive and productive team.


REGULATION To maintain order of the group discussion, discouraging participants from talking at the
same time, or dominating the floor.
PROTECT MEMBERS To ensure that all contributions to the discussion are treated equally and that no-one
is rebuffed for their input.
DEAL WITH PROBLEMS To control problem people within the group allowing everyone to participate freely.
TIMEKEEPER To adhere to the meeting timetable thus ensuring completion of the agenda.


PRAGMATIC To take a detached look at the discussion viewing each point on its merits.
ENCOURAGE FEEDBACK To promote discussion of each point raised, by all members of the group.
THE FACILITATOR must be a neutral to the discussion, taking a pragmatic view of all points raised. This frees the facilitator to concentrate on the group rather then the content of the discussion and hence they can ask pertinent and stimulating questions.

To discuss any needs you may have regarding facilitation, please contact me in confidence.


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