How to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying by gaining valuable insight into the underlying reasons why humans often behave so badly.


  • To raise awareness of bullying such that everyone knows, understands and can recognise bullying behaviours.
  • To overcome the denial by which bullying is sustained
  • To provide practical advice and guidance to those who are bullied, use bullying behaviour, are tasked with resolving disputes involving bullying and are responsible for the health safety and well being of employees or other people in their care
  • To inform, educate and guide employers and others with respect to disadvantages, costs or penalties of allowing the behaviour to continue.
  • The benefits of eliminating bullying and how to develop the policies, procedures and strategies to accomplish this
  • Ultimately bring about a change in society on a global basis


In depths look at:

What are bulling & harassment?
Clues to look for and why people tolerate it
Bully sayings and behaviours
Physical and psychological symptoms in the victim
Qualities of the bullied person
The relevant laws: Disability Discrimination, Racial Equality, Sexual Discrimination and the Human Rights Act