What's the difference between the two? Is one more important than the other?

There is clearly a difference between the two. Not every manager is a leader. Not every leader is a manager.
However, you can be both, if you choose to.

Social scientists have devoted large chunks of their brainpower to defining and differentiating the concepts of leadership and management. Here's a quick tour of some of their thinking, starting with observations from leadership scholars Kotter and Bennis:

A manager…
A leader….

John Kotter

· copes with complexity
· plans and budgets
· organizes and staffs
· controls and problem-solves

· copes with change
· sets a direction
· aligns people
· motivates people

Warren Bennis

· promotes efficiency
· is a good soldier
· imitates
· accepts the status quo
· does things right

· promotes effectiveness
· is his or her own person
· originates
· challenges
· does the right things

Management is about authority, and leadership is about influence.
That is a clear and critical distinction. Managers have the authority to make things happen. They can do it by force (reward and punishment), by simply "pulling rank." That’s authority. But managers who lead, and leaders who aren't managers, reach goals through influence.

Influence comes from trust- from a person's expertise, integrity and empathy as perceived by others. Maximum influence accrues to those who are strong in all three areas.

People are required to follow managers. They choose to follow leaders.

This session will look at the differences and using assessment sheets find out your prominent role and how you can gain new skills or refresh existing ones.

Delegates will also gain an understanding of the uses and abuses of POWER


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